Learning To Localise

As lockdown starts to ease, I find myself resisting the notion of a return to ‘normal’ (for the climate, and for mine and my family’s wellbeing).

I asked my friends ‘where is the movement I can join, with other people who don’t want to go back to business-as-usual?’

Then I realised, it’s right under my nose. My son and I already volunteer with a local sustainability group. When I stumbled across World Localization Day, it reminded me that I joined that local group because even before the pandemic, I believed that localisation is the way forward.

Our time in lockdown has enabled me to experience a much more local life. I don’t want that to end.

So I’m reflecting on the small ways I’m learning to localise, doing my bit as part of a larger whole, to move towards a more sustainable way of life.

Deepening my learning

Place-based education is a family affair in our house, and has created a deeper connection with our local neighbourhood.

We’ve also dabbled with upskilling, in our veg-growing experiment, plus learning to bake and to mend holes in clothes. We might not be self-sufficient, but we may be developing the skills of future resilience.

Changing my mindset

My mindfulness practice has helped me to unpick the conditioning of consumerism and the ‘more, bigger, better’ story. Able to see this more clearly, I can experience the wisdom of ‘just enough’. I can stop chasing ‘success’, and be happier and less stressed in a small life.

Creating new habits

With the above foundation in place, I live quite differently. I shop online less, and visit my local shops more. I think about how and where our food is produced. We spend our time locally, and lockdown has shown me that we really don’t need to go very far afield to find a rich connection with the world around us.

On the days I feel a touch of despair, and wonder if we can ever tackle climate change, it helps to notice the shifts like these that do drive positive change.

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